Workshop Options & Descriptions

Dancing Our Way To True Freedom

Wisdom and Bliss United

The dances offered by Tara Dhatu teachers are based in simple movements that require no special training, anyone can do them. What makes them extraordinary and effective are the meditations that accompany the dances. The meditations are designed to awaken the innate capacity of the heart. Resting in wisdom, radiating love, a special energy field is generated and a sense of comfort and stability experienced.

In this exceptional environment deep insight arises.

The dances are taught in two and a half hour sessions. Some topics can be expanded or condensed, offered as a single session, a series of sessions, or a longer retreat.

Weekend or week long events can be a combination of topics.


The Mandala Dance Of The 21 Praises Of Tara

Weekend workshop 

Tara is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. She is the great Mother goddess, swift to assist any who call out to Her, overpowering obstacles, dissolving ignorance. She is a deity of Buddhist Tantra, a potentiality latent within everyone.  To engage in this dance is to praise Her, embody Her, and discover one’s own perfection.

The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is a modern rendering of a traditional Tibetan practice.  Embodying the qualities of feminine wisdom and compassion the dancers learn methods of personal transformation.  Dressed in exquisite silk costumes, they share their discoveries in an Offering Celebration at the end of the workshop.

The first session, usually offered Friday night, is open to the community as an introduction that explores the philosophical foundation and basic movement.  Participants of the following sessions must commit to attend all sessions and dance in the Offering Celebration.  The celebration is open for the entire community to witness.


Dance In Praise Of Tara

One session

 In this gathering we explore a transformative practice of Green Tara and her 21 Qualities through dance and chant, imagery and meditation. Dancing the Goddess Tara is a profound practice of transformation, empowerment and a prayer to bless the world. Woven into the evocative movements are meditations that lead the dancer into powerful states of realization. It is essential for all of us in this world to honor the divine feminine within, to bring balance and blessing to ourselves and each other.


 Dance White Tara  

Goddess of Protection and Healing

One, Two or Three Sessions

The practice of White Tara brings peace and harmony. She is appealed to as one who offers the blessing of long life and good health. Closely aligned with Kwan Yin, her gentle and joyful presence is readily experienced. One of our most treasured ritual dances addresses the elemental powers of pacifying, increasing, magnetizing, discipline and action. These profound meditations and practices invoke the healing power of White Tara’s limitless compassion.


 Calling Tara From the Heart

One or Two  Sessions

Calling Tara From The Heart is a profoundly moving dance meditation based on a dzogchen sadhana practice of Dudjom Rinpoche.  Prema assembled the meditation and shares it with much feeling. The musical arrangement is sung by Mercedes Bahleda, a deeply devotional experience.


Dance Tara & the Tarot

One, Two or Three Sessions or a Weekend Workshop

       Our journey through life reflects a thousand mysteries. Wisdom teachers advise us to look to the ancient symbols found in the world’s mythologies and cultures to understand the depths of our human experience.

These two mystery schools,  the Eastern Tantric practice of working with the 21 Emanations of the Goddess Tara, and the Western expression of ancient symbols called the Tarot, show distinct correspondences. In Prema’s exploration she works with this information in a unique fashion.

Maria Ache, a Senior Mentor in the Tara Dhatu tradition, has created dances that illustrate the mysteries of the Major Arcana, and Prema has developed meditations that work with the correspondences. It is exciting information explored with your dancing body and open mind.


Dance Gold Tara

Goddess of Wealth and Abundance

One Session

The rituals of Gold Tara are an ancient appeal to experience the world as a realm of abundance and blessings. This new dance creates an auspicious connection with this precious depiction of the Great Mother Tara and provides an abundance of joyful exuberance.


Dance The Eight Precious Offerings  

To Increase Merit, Health and Wisdom

One Session

The Eight Precious Offerings is an exquisite dance based on a text by Khenpo Khatar about the inner meaning of the ritual of the offering bowls found on every Tibetan Shrine.

Making offerings is deeply inspiring and creates merit. This increases our wealth, health and wisdom.


Dancing And Deepening In The Path Of Fulfillment

A Journey Of  Joy

One session

Meditations and dances of the Four Immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. When we invoke these qualities we truly experience heaven on earth. These powerful dances and meditations will transform your life.


Letting Go Of Fear

The Four Powers And The Practice Of Purification

One Session

Fear is based in confusion and a misunderstanding of our true nature. Let us reorient to our own powerful inner presence and dance our way to true freedom. Based on a traditional Tibetan practice of Vajrasattva, the indestructible nature of wisdom and compassion.


Blue Sky Healing

Healing Ourselves, Healing Each Other

One or two sessions

Coupling simple movements with  profound imagery we explore the power of our mind to bring about a state of well being in the body. Inspired by the method of Chi-Lel, a chi-kung practice from China that has profoundly healed and touched the lives of millions of ordinary people,  the body mind is brought to a state of deep peace. We merge with this deep peace through tranquility meditation. This becomes a platform for a self healing technique,  and working in pairs we explore a technique to heal each other. – deeply relaxing


Dancing With The Wisdom Dakinis

Weekend Workshop

 These sky dancing ladies come from the primordial dreams of our ancestors, embodying the elements of our world and expressing them through the dance of our emotions. Our wildest feelings are revealed as the highest truth.


Compassion is the Healer, Love the Giver of Life

One Session

Chenrezig is known as the Lord of Compassion. His practice provides a profound experience of opening into the ultimate form of love. His mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung resounds through our being, awakening our most profound heart.


Medicine Buddha

One Session

This sacred dance invokes the power of Medicine Buddha for developing our wisdom, and healing afflictions of body and mind.  The sound of Medicine Buddha’s mantra purifies illnesses and removes obstacles from our spiritual journey. This movement meditation was developed by Prema Dasara and Anahata Iradah at the request of Lama Lhundrup for the nuns of the Kopan Monastery in Nepal. The traditional melody for the mantra resonates deeply. Set in the context of a simple sadhana practice, this class is a powerful inner experience of the dharma.


The Offering Goddesses

One Session

 The Offering Goddesses always appear at some point in a higher Tantric sadhana. We will work with three different dances exploring Classical Sacred Dance movement. One in the Hindu tradition to open the centers of the body. One in the tradition of Newar Nepali Vajrayana Buddhism, to experience the lineage of dance transmission. One from the Heruka Sadhana of Tibetan Tantric practice.

One session or many sessions


Sur Offering – A fire ritual of purification and blessing

One session

 Working with Tibetan Buddhist Methods of Purification and Empowerment and simple meditative dances and chants we participate in a traditional Sur Puja, a smoke offering that invokes beings in all six realms of existence, purifying the environment,  all our relationships, generating a field of blessing and well being.


Dharma for Children: Tara Tames the 8 Fears

One Hour Sessions

This Dance Drama was created for children from the ages of 4 to 9. It is a playful way for children to discuss difficult emotions and explore how to work with them. This session can be done with or without children.

The dance and mudras are simple, combining concentration and managed chaos which keeps the children totally focused on the material. In this session participants are guided through a journey of the Snake of Jealousy, The Fire of Anger, the Ocean of Desire, the Prison of Greed, the Elephant of Ignorance, the Lion of Arrogance, an the dreaded  Demon of Doubt.  how to discuss these things with children in a playful and enriching fashion.



Myri Dakini and Prema Dasara are professional dancers. They can craft a performance evening of sacred dance, an evening of great beauty and deep devotion. There is the option for the evening to end  with inviting the audience to join in some simple dances



Prema is a superb lecturer. Her talks can be maximum one hour.

They can be combined with a signing of her book, ‘Dancing Tara – A Manual of Practice.”

Some possible titles

1) Buddhism is Not A Religion – It is a philosophy and a psychology

2) Spiritual Aspirations In Our Modern World

3) Using Adversity and Happiness As The Spiritual Path

4) Fulfilling the Theosophical Ideals  – Unity of World Religions, Brotherhood of Man, Latent Powers of the Human Mind

5) Tibetan Tulkus – Continuity Between Death and Re-Birth