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Sponsor A Student Teacher For Tara Camp

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All over the world there are talented, capable women eager to share the Mandala Dance of Tara with their communities.

Many of them are in areas with limited finances. Tara Dhatu has established a scholarship fund in order to support them in their aspirations.

One of the recipients of our scholarship fund, Aradna Novais has attended most of our trainings in Brazil because of the generous help our donors were able to provide. Her beautiful voice has enabled us to record all of the Tara Dance music in Portuguese.

It is said in the Buddhist tradition that the merit gained from sponsoring a person to engage in spiritual practice is greater than to do the practice oneself.

So if you have aspirations to further this work but are not able to attend the training or prayer meetings perhaps you would be willing to make some kind of contribution. It does not have to be big. Small amounts add up. So please consider giving something to make it possible for this profound practice to be available to whoever is ready.

One of our very special ongoing scholarship projects is the training of young adults in Bahia, Brazil to lead Dances of Universal Peace in their impoverished communities. It is an exciting project. To read more……

This year contributions from the scholarship fund have sponsored a Russian Dancer and a Brazilian dancer to attend our Annual Retreat on Kauai.

We are especially interested in giving youth and young adults the opportunity to dance with us. If you know of someone who you think would benefit from this training and who is willing to share it with their community, please let us know and we will put them on our scholarship list.

All Donations are USA Tax Deductible. Fed Tax ID # 99-0321886


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