Maui Online Auction

Welcome to Tara Dhatu’s
Maui Online Auction – Send Out Light!

This Auction is designed to help raise funds to support our Maui dancers to be with us at the Festival of Prayer in Brasilia.

Below, you will find several fabulous offerings from some of our Maui community professionals.

Explore them all! Bidding ends March 2nd, 2018.

A percentage of the funds will go to sponsor Maui residents Jocelyn Wolfe, our wonderful singer, and Sea Lily, our water quality expert, in attending the Festival of Prayer.

To Place A Bid, Please simply send your


1. Transformational Energy Healing Session with Facilitation
w/Rita Massey: 60 min – Available by phone or internet
What is keeping you stuck in a health challenge, money challenge, or life challenge? Are you ready to move through it? Get to the core of your issue and release it from the level of your Higher Self, empowered by Divine Grace. Rita draws from 25 years of experience in the healing arts as she is following the guidance from Divine Source.
Value: $150 Starting Bid:$75
2. Access Consciousness Bars® Session w/Rita Massey: 75 min
Clear away mental clutter and neutralize reactive patterns that keep you from expressing from your true being. Access Bars is more relaxing than a massage; think of it as a brain massage! Done by lightly touching specific points on the head. At Rita’s office in Kihei.
Value: $120 Starting Bid:$60
3. 1 Month of Qi Gong Classes w/ Aerie Waters
Fridays at 8am at Aerie’s Maui Meadows home in Kihei.
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $25
4. Voice Lesson with Maui Tara Songbird Bonnie Newman: 1 Hour
Bonnie has been part of Maui Tara Sangha for over 30 years, often singing for others to dance before Prema had music pre-recorded.  She has been singing publicly all her long Life and taught many people how to fully project their singing voices.
Value: $55 Starting Bid $20
5. Voice and/or Piano Lessons with Louise Lambert: 3 Sessions .5 hrs each
Three 30 Minute Sessions with Louise Lambert!
Louise Lambert is an Internationally acclaimed vocalist, pianist, songwriter and bandleader providing world class musical entertainment for Concerts, Clubs, Weddings and Special Events. Louise has a diverse catalog of original songs and her shows are catered to the event including Smooth Jazz, Swing, Blues, Motown, Big Band and even Singalongs – A Century of Song! As a songwriter / recording artist, Louise has placed songs in TV shows and Films and she held a number #3 Adult Contemporary Chart Hit in Canada with “Peace In Our Hearts”.
Value: $105  Starting Bid: $45
6. Colon Therapy or Crystal Reiki Energy Healing Session @ Temple of Peace
$100 Value for services with Shelley St. John at the Temple of Peace in Haiku, Maui. Colon Therapy Session with support of cleanse or fast, or a Crystal/Reiki Energy Healing Session.
Value: $100 Starting Bid: $60
7. Transformational Truth Technology –
Right/Left Brain Integration Session with Teri Mister: 1 hour
The power of Manifestation Shift your energy (vibration) = shift your experience!
Are there things you want or don’t want present in your life now? Things you desire to be different but you somehow seem unable to change? If there is anything about your life that you are not 100% satisfied with and want to change, (health, relationships, financial situation, etc.) Teri can help you, (using the three universal principles of manifestation; the Law of Attraction, the science of Deliberate Creation, and the Art of Allowing; four questions to access your right and left brain and your conscious and unconscious minds for thoughts that sabotage you; and dowsing to discover if you are honest with yourself,) identify and transform old patterns that keep you stuck. Holding the space of unconditional love she will help you explore and release beliefs and patterns that keep you from loving yourself unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT! It’s a fun and delightful way to clear those old beliefs and patterns and return to your natural state of joy.
Value: $120 Starting Bid: $60
8. Beauty Make Over w/ Robbie at Maui Day Spa
Beauty Make over! Hair color and cut and makeup at Robbie’s Maui Day Spa in Kihei Hi. 808-250-5010.
Value: $225 Starting Bid: $100
9. Rebirthing Session with Kachina Palencia
Kachina has been practicing the art of rebirthing for many years. REBIRTHING
is a special  breathing practice to clear out old patterns. It uses affirmations to reprogram.
Her teachers were Ashana Solaris, Dana Devi, and Peter DeLon
Value: $70 Starting Bid: $20
10. Hot Stones Lomilomi Massage with Jocelyn Wolfe : 90 min
Jocelyn  Wolfe, is a LomiLomi practitioner, LMT and works at Ho’omana, a Hawaiian spa upcountry Maui.
The type of Lomi she specializes in is a fushion of 7 different island styles incorporating a variety of techniques. All sessions include Oli/Pule (chant/prayer) and ‘ili’ili (hot stones) that have been gathered ceremonially through specific protocol and offerings. LomiLomi is a rhythmic therapeutic treatment, soothing light to deep, using long forearm strokes, wave-like motions and balancing body, mind ,heart and spirit with Aloha.
Value: $110 Starting Bid: $40
11. Poster/ Advertising Design by Couvi Designs
This service is for one poster or advertising design for you or your business provided by
Joshua Couvillion of Couvi Designs. Joshua is the graphic designer for Tara Dhatu.
Visit for examples!
Value: $200 Starting Bid: $50
12. Logo Design by Couvi Designs
This offer is for a custom logo design for your business or any endeavor provided by
Joshua Couvillion of Couvi Designs. Joshua is the graphic designer for Tara Dhatu.
Visit for examples!
Value: $250 Starting Bid: $50
13. 11×14 Hand Made Ganesha Print
Hoku Au’ Printmaking
Enjoy a hand carved Lino-print by Bonnie Star Marsh inspired by the goddess, Tara.
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $45
14. 11×14 Hand Made Tara Print
Hoku Au’ Printmaking
Enjoy a hand carved Lino-print by Bonnie Star Marsh inspired by the goddess, Tara.
Value: $75 Starting Bid: $40