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Spiritual & Creative Director: Prema Dasara
Assistant Director TDEP International: Parvati Forrest Anee Burke
Assistant Director TDEP South America & International: MyriDakini

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Read below for all the details on the Tara Dhatu Educational Program!

The Tara Dhatu Educational Program (TDEP) offers courses in meditation, dance, music and spiritual development dedicated to deepening one’s understanding of the practice of Tara.
Students can join TDEP to study for their own individual spiritual growth, or with the intention to become a teacher of  the Tara Dances.
The Tara Dhatu Educational Program (TDEP) has been developed to provide the support and guidance necessary to maintain the integrity of the Tara Practices as a vehicle of liberation. Because the practice is based in traditional Tibetan Buddhist mind training techniques, certain philosophical ideas, lifestyles and commitments are a part of these programs.
When we encounter something that uplifts us and inspires us, we have a natural desire to go deeper into that experience. We have developed these Educational Programs & Courses within Tara Dhatu to help satisfy those who have tasted the profound awakening and empowerment that is a product of the Tara Practice and want to become personally involved.

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Our Current TDEP Courses:

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Personal Study & Self Exploration as a Student of Tara
The Student of Tara Program is our Entry Level Course, a pre-requisite for all other TDEP Courses. Here you can develop a personal relationship with the material and work directly with Prema or one of the senior teachers in developing your own course of study and practice.


Student Teacher Program – Becoming a Teacher
Children’s Program – Spirituality in Youth
Tara Dance Music – Musicians Program
Men’s Program – Divine Feminine in Men
Auxiliary Dance Programs
Dances of Universal Peace
Tara and the Tarot


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One can also search & connect with local Tara Dance Circles without any formal commitment.

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