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We invite you to join us in supporting the vision of Tara’s Pure Land arising. Your membership in Tara Dhatu makes it possible to share the Mandala Dance of the Twenty-one Praises of Tara in retreats, workshops, and pilgrimages, for the empowerment of communities around the world. Your financial support sustains our ability to assist Tibetan nuns and families in their quest for decent living conditions and access to higher education. Your prayers and participation generate the energy to manifest the many projects we envision including:


Annual Retreats and Teacher Trainings

Festivals to the Great Mother

Teaching the Mandala Dance of Tara to nuns and young women in India and Nepal

Classes, workshops and special events around the world

Production of educational and inspirational videos

Hosting visiting dharma teachers

Humanitarian Projects supporting Tibetan Refugees


Tara Dhatu is the mother organization that facilitates the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara and the body of works that have grown up around it within the United States and Internationally. In 2013, through the hard work of Myri Dakini and her team in Brazil and with the financial support of you, our global Tara Dhatu community, Tara Dhatu South America has achieved legal status. These organizations are a fulfillment of the vision put forth by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche and the other teachers who have inspired and supported the Tara Dance who believed that it was important to protect the lineage of the practice. Our mission is to inspire all beings to achieve their highest potential through the sacred arts, to bring the Tara Dance to countries all over the world, and to establish ongoing programs to assist Tibetan refugees, particularly children, nuns and the elderly.

We depend on our members to help us continue this wonderful, multi-faceted work. Your membership helps to bring benefit to beings throughout the world. Thank you for being a part of the Tara Dhatu sangha.

In Tibetan custom, acts of generosity engender tremendous blessings in the life of the donor. The ripple effect of your kindness will touch the lives of many beings. We thank you for whatever way you choose to support Tara Dhatu. Please join us in this rare opportunity to share in such loving, joyful, and powerful work.

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