There are several different avenues for making donations through Tara Dhatu.
Donations can be made through PayPal with a credit card or by mailing a check.
All Donations are USA Tax Deductible.
Please join us in making a difference in this world.

 General Donations

Your contributions support Tara Dhatu in facilitating projects and events that uplift and inspire many.

Thank You For Your Generosity!!


  Sponsor a Student Teacher

Tara Dhatu has established this scholarship fund in order to support our global network of Student Teachers in sharing the Mandala Dance of Tara with their communities.  So please consider giving something to make it possible for this profound practice to be available to whoever is ready.  For more info: Click Here


Sponsor A Young Adult

Give the gift of inspiration by sending a young adult to Tara Camp.  Imagine the ripple effect of even one young person whole life turns towards a dedication to manifesting their inner wisdom, radiating their loving compassion into the world, and gaining the skill and the power to bless and empower all.  For more info: Click Here


Offering to Teachers – Dana

We ask that all members of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program offer some measure of financial support to their mentors and teachers. Your generosity to your teachers and mentors is what makes it possible for them to have the time and ability to work with you and the community in this way.

Humanitarian Projects

As an expression of Tara’s compassion, Tara Dhatu has endeavored to raise money for a number of varied humanitarian projects.  To find out more about the current focus of Humanitarian Outreach
and how you can Donate Today:




Make checks payable to:

Tara Dhatu Inc

PO Box 63252

Phoenix, AZ 85082