Pre-Registration Information

Tara Dance Monlam

Festival of Prayer ~ Festival of Peace

Brasilia, 23 – 27 May 2018, Brazil

Pre-Registration Information

Please read through this document carefully

before registering for the 2018 Tara Dance Monlam.

The first Tara Dance Monlam, sponsored by Tara Dhatu, will be held in Brasilia, Brazil May 23-27, 2018. Dancers from around the world will gather for five days to perform the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara using the unabridged version of the Chokjur Lingpa sadhana. The festival will be free for the public to attend.

Registration is necessary for dancers and supporting meditators and provides them with access to all arrangements of accommodation, transportation, food, costuming texts, music, etc. at reduced rates.

Help in Funding Your Participation

Anyone who registers for the Monlam will have the opportunity to create their own Peer to Peer funding page through Tara Dhatu’s arrangement with “Classy” a crowd funding opportunity. For more information contact  Eana Rose at

Passport Requirement

Check your passport to make sure it is valid for at least six months after your entry in May i.e. validity must be at least until November 2018.

Brazil Visa Requirements

Tourist Visas are required for everyone resident outside of South America. This process can take over a month so apply in a timely way. You can work with an agency like Travel Visa Pro or apply to a Brazilian embassy near you for a tourist visa. You will need to provide a contact address in Brazil with your Visa Application: Hotel Manhattan Plaza SHN Q. 2 – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF, 70702-900 Telephone: (61) 3319-3543

Membership in Tara Dhatu

You must be a member of Tara Dhatu to be a registered member of this event. If you are not you can join by going to this link

Financial Information

Click Here For An Estimate of the Expenses

1) Registration is $108 US non refundable. If you cannot attend the event you can designate your registration $$ for another person to attend in your place.

2) Arrangements will be made for registrants at discount prices for

  1. Accommodation – Hotel and Breakfast
  2. Lunch and Dinner
  3. Pick up at airport
  4. 3 day Pre-Monlam Retreat
  5. Post Monlam Excursions
  6. Texts and Music in Spanish and Portuguese
  7. personal costuming

3) Monlam participants must make their own arrangements for international travel and travel insurance.

Pre-Festival Retreat

There will be a pre-festival retreat for three days at Paraiso Na Terra (Paradise on Earth). The retreat is essential for new dancers and overseas travelers.

Post Monlam Excursions

There will also be options for post monlam excursions.

1) Bus tours around the city to visit the amazing monuments and to pray together in some interesting establishments.

2) One day excursion at Chapada Imperial, an eco adventure. This features a three hour walking trail along a small river with many pools and waterfalls to swim in, led by a local guide expert in the healing herbs and wildlife of the cerrado (high plateau).

3) Two day trip to visit John of God

Inviting One’s Partner to Join

Dancers are welcome to bring their partners. They would need to register as “meditators” and join Tara Dhatu as members.


There are no immunization requirements for entering Brazil, nor for returning to the USA from Brazil. However, registrants should contact their own health professionals .

Portuguese and Spanish

The dances will be done in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Brazilians speak Portuguese and a rudimentary knowledge of the language would be good to acquaint yourself. There is a free program called Duolingo that is an easy and enjoyable way to pick up a few phrases.

They also have a program in Spanish if you want to brush up, we will have a number of participants from other South American countries joining us.

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