Nepal Relief

Devastating Earthquakes in Nepal

A Call for Action


Thank you to all who Swiftly and Generously stepped up to donate to the RICE KITCHEN PROJECT!

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We quickly reached our initial fundraising goal and we have begun relief efforts there using the money given to help those in and around Kathmandu with receive food, clean water, and medical supplies through our friends on the ground in Kathmandu.

Thank you!

We are continuing to collect donations to be used directly to support aid and relief efforts.  As the situation develops, we are learning more about what the need is and evaluating how we can best serve.

Your generosity is much appreciated and will be used to help feed, house, and care for those who have been impacted by the earthquake.

About The Nepal Relief Fund ~

A Call To Action

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Tara Dhatu Community Reports

Tara Dhatu has many friends and contacts in Nepal.  We know that many are curious about them and we are working to keep the wider Sangha up to date about how these community members are doing in the aftermath of the earthquake.  As we are in touch with them by email and through FaceBook and we will endeavor to share their stories with you all.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha


Andrea Abinanti is a long time friend of Prema’s who has lived on the Swayumbu Hill in the Kathmandu Valley for over 30 years. She helped train the Kopan nuns and the Tara Abbey nuns in the Mandala Dance of Tara and has been a gracious guide whenever Tara Dhatu brought pilgrims to Nepal. Her house is very old and it is truly a miracle that it is still standing. Read her full report below describing her experience of the earthquake and the days following the destruction!

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May 7th, 2015 – Photo Gallery Update from Andrea

 ***May 13th 2015 Letter from Andrea***

Pabitra Lama is an very long time friend of Prema and Anahata. We have long collaborated with her about sponsoring village children. Several years ago she and Anahata formed Bright Nepal, a hostel that takes care of and educates at risk children from outlying villages. She lives around the Boudha stupa. Immediately following the earthquake Pabitra and her community mobilized to distribute food and medical supplies to the community in Katmandu and the surrounding villages.

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May 8 2015 Photo report from Pabitra*** click here

May 10 2015 Photo report from Pabitra*** click here

***May 12 2015 update from Pabitra*** Click here

***May 21 2015 Update from Pabitra***Click Here

Artist Lalman Lama is a thangka painter. Soon after the earthquake Anahata began to raise funds for him so that he could begin relief efforts in his and other villages,  In this way we became aware of the opportunity to support this worthy effort. With the generous offerings from the Tara Dhatu community we were able to send him sponsorship for his project. He plans to send some thangka paintings to us to make available for sale in order to raise additional funds for his and other Nepali relief efforts. Once we have the paintings we will post them for all to see and inquire about. If you are interested in purchasing a painting and supporting Lalman Lama and his community please contact us at

***May 24th 2015 Update from Lalman Lama***

Sophia Sarvavidya Kothari shares:

*PHOTOS* ~ District assessment triage team ~ in Kavre District.
Note the rebuilding –first time we’ve seen this 🙂
And farmers peacefully tending crops and goats ~ normal scenes of beauty in Nepal.
Very heartening to see that some areas are recovering swiftly.

Photo Gallery – Click Here

Sophia wrote: “Today we are loading a vehicle with food and supplies for a rural area in the district of Muwarkot. The access road was recently cleared but the residents have no petrol to travel in to obtain basic needs. Food, cooking oil, medicines, gently used clothes and basics such as firestarting equipment are being purchased and transported from Kathmandu for about 50 extended families (between 200 and 300 people) for the next month.”

May 8-10 2015 Update from Sophia – Click Here

 May 11-12 2015 Updates from Sophia- Click Here

***May 21 2015 Update from Sophia and the KRK***