Mainland Retreat March 28-2 April 2017 Teachers & Guides


Prema Dasara is the Spiritual and Creative Director of Tara Dhatu and the 2017 Mainland Retreat at Mount Madonna in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. In the name of the Great Goddess Tara, she has created dance rituals that provoke powerful experiences of inner awakening. Working closely with Tibetan Meditation Masters, integrating her many years of study of sacred dance yoga, Prema shares this wisdom path with humor and the ability to help us see our daily life as an adventure in consciousness.



Myri DakiniMyriDakini Naves, a professional dancer since childhood, loves to invite dancers to experience their essential feminine nature with her exquisite practice of sacred movement. From Brazil, she is the Central Coordinator of Tara Dhatu for South America. She has mastered the sacred movement that Prema brings to her work and is Tara Dhatu’s primary dance instructor. She will introduce some of Tara Dhatu’s new dances and help dancers bring out their unique dance expression of the Divine Feminine within.



kauai-aug-2016-fun-with-robin-28-2Parvati Forrest Anee Burke, trained as a priestess since she was a child, has been dancing in the Mandala of Tara with Prema for nearly 20 years.  She is the Central Coordinator for Tara Dhatu international and an assistant director of the Educational Programs, the container that holds the transmission of the Tara Dances under Prema’s mentorship.  She will lead sessions to deepen attunement to the core practices, our connection to Mother Tara, and one another within the community.


Mekare and the Masks ~ A Special Offering


Mekare Fiske has midwifed through her capable hands and radiant heart the completion of a long held aspiration of Tara Dhatu – masks of the 22 Taras of our dancing mandala. The masks were carved and painted in Bali under her direction. She will bring the masks to our retreat and lead a series of sessions on the sacred art of dancing in a mask as Tara. 

Mekare is a 3rd Level Tara Dhatu teacher and has a tremendous background in sacred movement, ritual theater, breathwork, and bodywork. She is also a Priestess of the Honey Bee. She will guide us into the deepest, most profound aspects of our wisdom nature through the mask, through the dance, through the practice.

Explore a bit of Mekare’s teachings about dancing in a mask


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