Membership Info



Tara Dhatu’s mission is to uplift and inspire humanity and members are at the center of all we do and make everything possible.  Each person who engages with the organization agrees to make a commitment to honor the other members of the organization and larger global community in a manner that respects the heart of compassion that is the foundation of our work.

The Personal Commitment of Members…
The 21 Praises of Tara, are qualities of each of our beings, that we commit to revealing and embodying, in our day to day actions. We are humans, each with varying degrees and kinds of obscurations to our true, radiant being. Often the old pattern takes over. We commit to do overs…to PRACTICE the 21 qualities in our interactions with each other. We commit to an spacious openness, as we work together to reach our full potential. We agree to work through challenges, accepting help and council,  when needed. We commit to our own and each others’ growth toward our highest potential.
The Financial Commitment… Tara Dhatu is a small organization supporting a global sea of activity. Every contribution has a big impact on our ability to keep the Tara wheels of light turning.

We are so happy to have you in the circle of Tara’s light of love.
Thank you for joining the dance with us.
May the all beings be well and happy, blessed by the one who blazes with glory!