Financial Arrangements & Commitments

1) Maintain your annual membership in Tara Dhatu,

due annually on July 1st

2) Maintain your Tara Dhatu Educational Programs Administration Fee,

$25 due annually on July 1st

You can pay both of these items with one check made out to

Tara Dhatu

PO Box 657

Kula, HI 96790

You can also pay by credit card through the PayPal link at

3) Maintain the student offering of Dana, generosity to teachers.

We ask that all members of TDEP offer some measure of financial support to their mentors and teachers.  Your generosity to your teachers and mentors is what makes it possible for them to have the time and ability to work with you and the community in this way.  Every member of the program is responsible for working out a Dana arrangement with their primary teacher/s.

You can make your offering directly to your teacher personally, or through Tara Dhatu, adding it onto your membership and Program fees. You must arrange with your teacher whether you want this to be on a per interaction basis, a quarterly donation, twice a year, or annually.

We will also be setting up the option to make a monthly donation through our web site and will inform you when that option is available.

4) When conducting meetings or gatherings or offerings, you are encouraged to ask for donations from attendees.

The method used to do so is up to your discretion and the needs and customs of your local community.

You may fix a price if that is more practical or just have a donation basket.

10 % of offerings collected is to be sent to Tara Dhatu,

after the cost of room rental or other necessary expenses

have been deducted.

The following is a suggested division of the rest of the collection. This decision is at the discretion of the local teacher and the circle of committed dancers.

10% of the offerings collected could be held in a local scholarship fund to be used to help pay for local members, including yourself, to attend retreats and events.

40% of the offerings collected could be given to the Student Teacher who is leading the meeting.

40% of the offerings collected could be held in a fund to help the local group invite teachers, purchase costumes, purchase publicity, duplicate newsletters or other relevant materials.

As a teacher or coordinator you have the option of purchasing Tara tapes and materials at wholesale prices and selling them at your classes or events for retail. A current wholesale price list is available on the Student Teacher Web Site.

Please copy this information into an email, “sign” it and send it to


I _____________________________________ have read and accept the above financial commitments as long as I remain a participant in the Tara Dhatu Educational Programs.

Date ___________________________