How can I learn the Tara Dance?

The best way to learn the Tara Dance is to go to a weekend workshop or one of the Tara Retreats.   http://www.taradhatu.org/events/events/

Or you can join a local Tara Dance Circle if there is one in your area.

Where can I find a Tara Dance Circle to join?

Go to http://www.taradhatu.org/about/tara-dance-circles-worldwide/

Who can teach the Tara Dance?

The Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program was developed to train teachers for the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara and the Dance of Tara’s Qualities. Prema Dasara, the creator of the dance, requests that no one teach these dances other than those in the Student Teacher Program because of the esoteric nature of the ritual.

Is there any part of the Tara Dance that can be taught outside of the Student Teacher Program?

Sometimes special permission is granted for someone outside the program to lead some part of the dance. If in doubt.. ask info@taradhatu.org

The dance of the mantra has been given to the Dances of Universal Peace and there is no restriction on anyone teaching that dance.

Do I have to be a Buddhist to Dance the Tara Dance?

No you do not.

Is Tara a Tibetan Goddess?

Tara is found in multiple cultures of the world. She does not belong to the Tibetans. The Tibetan culture is one that has maintained an unbroken relationship with Tara for the past 1400 years.

Can I learn the Tara Dance from a DVD?

You can learn the Dance of Tara’s Qualities from the DVD Dance the Goddess.

Which DVDs, CDs, materials are basic to this practice?

It is best to start by reading Prema’s book, Dancing Tara: A Manual of Practice. You can learn some of the basic moves and the Dances of Refuge, Bodhicitta and the Dance of Tara’s Qualities from the DVD Dance the Goddess. The music for the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is on the CD of that name. It is also recommended that you acquire a Tara Dance Text for the complete words of the practices.

I purchased Prema’s book Dancing Tara: A Manual of Practice as a digital edition and it is an ePub format.  What does this mean and what program will I need to open this file on my computer or device?

The ePub format is an open file format and widely used.  A number of free eBook readers open this file format including Barnes and Noble, Adobe Reader, and many others.  For more information about the format, readers, and programs please see: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/epubfile.htm.

Where can I buy instructional material?

In Tara Dhatu’s  Dance the Goddess Emporium

I purchased an MP3 file from the Dance the Goddess Emporium but I do not see a download button in the cart.  How do I get my purchased file?

After you have completed the purchase of the MP3 file you will receive an e-mail with a link to your product download. Each link is set to allow you to download the file up to three times to ensure that you are able to do so with success and even to have the file on various devices simultaneously.

What does Tara Dhatu mean?

It means the Pure Realm of the Enlightened Goddess, Tara