Tara Dance Circle Listings

Feel free to contact any of the Student Teachers below for information about joining their circle for a night or as a regular participant. If you would like to facilitate a circle in your area contact Prema at prematara@mac.com.


On With The Dance, On With The Sacred Dance.

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Levels of student teachers in Tara Dhatu

The level of a Student Teacher in Tara Dhatu is not only an indication of accomplishment. The levels imply a willingness for the Student Teacher to assume certain responsibilities for sharing the dance in their communities and in the world. We have Student Teachers who have achieved a level of accomplishment but who are not able to maintain the responsibilities. They are on an inactive list and can be reinstated whenever they choose. The list of Student Teachers below is composed of those who are actively engaged in sharing the precious practice of Dancing In Tara’s Mandala.

Level 0 – Student: Participant wants to receive the teachings for her/his own enrichment but does not have any current intention of teaching the dance.

Level 1 Facilitator Student Teacher: Participant is developing her skills.  She may facilitate meetings in her community but may not advertise herself as a Tara Dance Teacher.

Level 2 Student Teacher: Participant can teach new students, advertise as a teacher of the Tara dance, travel to cities outside her personal circle and introduce the dance.

Level 3 Student Teacher: Participant has demonstrated the ability to teach and lead the dance. She is authorized to offer the Tara dance as a ritual offering in a public setting.

Level 4 Teacher Mentor: Participant is mentoring other Student Teachers.