March 28-April 2 2017 Mainland Retreat

The masks are blessed and ready, filled with TukdamDancing Tara Retreat

Meet the Masks

March 28-April 2



The dances of Tara are a profound method of empowerment, protection, and awakening.

When the forces of darkness threaten,

we must unite and cultivate the inner light

to bring healing to our world.

Dive into the heart of these powerful practices with Prema, Myri, and Parvati.


At this retreat there will also be a very special opportunity to work with Mekare Fiske. She brings the recently completed 22 masks of our Beloved Dancing Taras and will initiate interested dancers into the mystery of dancing with a mask.



Dance ~ Pray ~ Play ~ Dive Deep ~ Nourish ~Be Inspired


Join Us for this 2017 Mainland N. American Tara Dhatu Retreat

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