Dances of Universal Peace

Anahata Iradah is a master teacher of the Dances of Universal Peace. She is a senior mentor in the organization that supports this practice and we are pleased to include her trainings as part of our Educational Programs.

Notes from the Dances of Universal Peace International Web Site:

The Dances of Universal Peace are spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration.

The Dances of Universal Peace are a part of a timeless tradition of Sacred Dance. They are the crowning life achievement of Sufi teacher and Zen master Samuel L. Lewis, known as Murshid Sam.

No musical or dance experience of any kind is required and everyone is welcomed to join in. Participants join hands forming a circle with with musicians in the center. The dance leader teaches the sacred phrase, melody, and movements for each Dance and some context about that particular Dance. Learning is usually quick and easy – within ten minutes dancers are moving, singing, and sharing together.

There are more than 400 Dances that include themes of peace (both inner and outer), healing (the Earth, individuals, and the global family), and the celebration of life’s great mystery. An experience of the Unity of the human family with all of Life and a taste of one’s essential nature are among the gifts the Dances bring to so many who come in contact with them.

Anahata Iradah can be invited to travel to your community to share the dances. She is also available for teacher training. For information about her workshops and trainings contact her.