Communication Commitments – Staying In Touch

Developing good communication skills is an essential aspect of the Student Teacher Program. The vision of Tara Dhatu is of an international community based in spiritual ideals, using the methods of sacred dance and mind training practices to find inner fulfillment and to uplift and inspire humanity. As a member of the program you are expected to…….

1) Communicate with your mentor about your personal practice at least twice a year. This program is based on student-teacher relationships, Feel free to ask any questions. If you have any comments, criticisms, difficulties, creative ideas about anything in relation to the Tara Dance, teaching the dance, organizational points, share them with us. If you have any needs that are unfulfilled as a Student/Teacher then let us know.

2) Submit a report of activities, classes and offerings to your mentor by filling out a report form for gatherings you facilitate, host, or lead. This includes monthly meetings or any activity involving the Tara Dances.

This form helps us gather vital information of events held in the organization’s name as well as add participants to our general mailing list so that they receive notice of Tara Dhatu’s activities and development.

3) Submit information about your Tara Dance activities for the web site and newsletter

4) Conduct meetings and offerings according to the Level of your Responsibility.

5) Attend a retreat or weekend workshop lead by Prema or a Senior Student Teacher of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program at least once a year.

The nature of these practices require gathering in sangha and staying close to the heart of the teacher and the practice. This is a living and breathing lineage in which there are regular refinements and adjustments made.

Ideally all program members should attend either the annual camp in Kauai or in Brasilia. These camps provide us an opportunity to work together in a deep and profound way.

If you are not able to participate in one of these camps it is vital that you attend an event elsewhere with Prema or another senior teacher.

If you cannot travel to an event then arrange to invite a senior teacher to lead one in your area.

Discuss with your local circle of dancers the necessity of your communication commitments and enlist their help in making reports, managing a mailing list and gathering the finances to ensure your participation in a retreat.

Please copy this information into an email, “sign” it

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I _____________________________ have read and accept the above member duties as long as I remain a participant in the Tara Dhatu Educational Program.


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