Brasilia – Retreat Into the Heart of Tara

Back in Brasilia we focused our attention on getting some songs recorded in Portuguese before           heading out to our annual retreat. Ricardo gathered a group of young teenage girls with Maya and Maira’s young sons to put some vocals to the chorus in Tara Tames the 8 Fears.   Just before the retreat Ivana […]

May 10 2015 Pabitra Relief Photo Report

Your donations in action! Thank you to all the donors who helped make this relief possible! Infinite gratitude to Pabitra and the Bright Nepal community who are working so hard to care for so many! Pabitra writes… “Yesterday I went to Chenay’s village to distribute the tents and some of food items like rice, beaten […]

May 8 2015 Pabitra Photo Report

Beauty and generosity in action! Thank you Pabitra Subba Yanghyang Lama for your efforts on behalf of all and to Anahata Iradah for keep us all informed about the activities there in Nepal…. The following photo report is taken from a Face Book post Anahata made on May 8 2015.   Meanwhile in the Himalayas, […]

Dance Tara on Maui w/ Prema – Kihei – Feb 3

In the Ecstatic Dance Of the Divine Feminine We Find the Treasure Of Awakening Join the Maui Tara Dancers Tuesday, Feb 3 – Full Moon 6:30 – 9 PM In Maui Meadows at Linda Gentiluomo’s beautiful home Dancing the Goddess Tara is uplifting, inspiring and empowering. It helps create the conditions for our personal awakening […]

Dancing the Divine Feminine in Brasilia, Brazil

Myri Dakini is the Central Coordinator of Tara Dhatu for South America. In the beginning of December 2011 she organized and offered two performances of sacred dance, featuring the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara. She writes: It has been ten years since I started  Tara’s Dancing Group in Brasilia. Through the years, each week I […]

Dancing Tara for the Dalai Lama

In 1993 Prema Dasara led a group of women to dance for His Holiness the Dalai Lama at a Teaching Conference in Tucson, AZ. Prema has been working on her second book, a group of stories about the wonderful teachers she has met and the adventures she has had teaching the Mandala Dance of Tara. […]

Annual Retreat of Tara Dancing The Divine Feminine Brasilia, Brazil April 28 to May 5 2012

Less than an hour outside of Brasilia, the retreat center rests on the highest point amidst the rolling hills.

Chimi, Bardor Tulku’s Daughter Connects

You never know what marvelous surprises Facebook has to offer. This letter speaks for itself Dear Prema, This is Chimi Lama, Bardor Tulku Rinpoche’s second daughter. I hope you remember me, I took part in the Tara Dance you lead at KTD so many years ago. I must have been six or seven , and […]

108 Hours of Peace

Every year at Lama Padma Sampten’s Dharma Center in Viamao, Rio Grande de Sul in the far south of Brazil, there is an inter-religious and inter-ethnic festival called “The 108 Hours of Peace.” It is held at the Temple of the Middle Path and a group of Tara Dancers were invited to open the activities […]

Tara Invited to Dance in KTD, Woodstock

Marie Giguere, new to the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program will be initiating her first dance meeting at KTD in preparation for a workshop and offering……. Rinpoche gave his permission and blessing last week to hold a Tara Dance weekend workshop and offering in the Karma Triyana Dharma Shrine Room. We are considering the month […]

Introducing the Tara Dance at ARE in Virginian Beach, VA

Jacquelyn Lhamo is a Level 2 Tara Dance Facilitator who resides in Northern California. She travels a great deal and wherever she goes she likes to introduce new friends to Tara’s Mandala Dances. A frequent presenter at Edgar Cayce’s foundation ARE in Virginia Beach, she offered an introductory evening at the center……from her report…… We […]

Vision of Tara – Dancing in Seattle

Parvati Forrest Burke  lead the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara at the Sakya Monastary in Seattle Washington  October 22. One of the participants, Marsha Emrick, wrote this beautiful testimony. Thank you for teaching me and your great kindness. I find that I am still crying every time I think of my experience […]

Tara is Dancing in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Magic of the Tara Dance By Nita-Rose Nita-Rose Augsbach is a Licensed Massage Therapist living in the general vicinity of Cincinnati, Ohio. She contacted the Tara Dance through a magical series of events. Her Mother was a revered teacher of the dharma and one of her main practices was Tara. Living in South Africa […]

Dancing Tara for the Sun Goddess

Felicity Dancing Tara for the Sun Goddess in Ise, Japan by Felicity Oswell To see a photo essay on this event click here

Dancing Tara in North Carolina for Earth Day

Mekare Fiske is a 3rd Level TaraDhatu Teacher who lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has been dancing Tara for many years and was invited to lead a Tara Dance Offering for Earth Day.

Meeting with the Curitiba, Brazil Tara Dhatu Student Teachers

It was quite precious, this meeting with these four dedicated women. All of them are so unique, all with a sincere wish to continue to work with Tara’s practice. Bernadetta on the far left did most of the interpreting, though Myri was happy to fill in when necessary. Danielle, next to her, is just joining […]

Sophia Dances Tara in Japan

Sophiananda Keller has been a friend of Tara Dhatu for years. A member of the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program, she went to Japan early this April to dance with Felicity and the Japanese Taras at the sacred Ise Shrine. She wrote this brief report. I know that eventually we will get a beautiful story […]