Tara Dhatu Season of Sangha FaceBook Fun with Friends

We have been playing some fun Q&A with FaceBook friends. See some of the answers below… Join the fun on FaceBook, click here Hope Jinishian: I met Tara in Bali and it was love at first sight. Tara Dhatu practices and the Buddha Goddess Tara have propelled me all over the world this past year […]

Samdong Rinpoche Celebrates the Tara Dance

  In 1998 fifty Tara Dancers from 11 countries of origin traveled to India and Nepal to dance the Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara for the Tibetan Refugees. One of the stops was the sacred land of Sarnath, where Shakyamuni Buddha gave his first teaching after his enlightenment experience in Bodhgaya The group […]

Eulogy for a Great Master of Odissi Sacred Dance Guru Ramani Ranjan Jena

My beloved Odissi teacher, Guru Ramani Ranjan Jena, has passed away. My sister dancer friend Elizabeth Burnett, who has a school for orphans in Puri, Orissa, wrote of his March 26th passing, “He was preparing for a dance festival at Khira Chora Gopinath Temple. He had been fasting as was his habit on such days […]

Tara Dances in Java at the Sakyadhita Conference

Most of our Bali pilgrims opted to join us at the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference in a lush resort outside of Yogyakarta.       It was a short hop from Bali to Java. Our small plane was filled with tribal elders from some of the remote island tribes enroute to meet with the government […]

Bali – Tara’s Pilgrimage in the Island of Wonder

June 2015 Myri and I took a group of pilgrims to Bali, land of beauty and mystery. Mekare Fiske had been commissioned to engage a mask maker to create 22 Masks of Tara in preparation for Tara Dhatu’s Festival of Prayer. We were to learn how to dance in them and then offer the dance […]

New Year’s Greetings & Blessings From Nepal

Every year Tara Dhatu and members send Andrea Abinanti donations for the many pujas she arranges during the holiday season. Donors names are read out, along with the names of those who died during the year, and those who ask for special prayers for special needs. This is the first of three of Andrea’s reports…. […]

Dancing Tara Deep Down Under

Catherine Callaghan (center), Level 2 Tara Dhatu Teacher, Nelson, South Island, New Zealand reports… Judy (right), Liz (left) and I danced White Tara and the Six Shields at the Saturday opening of the two day Evolve Spiritual Festival in Nelson. As always, White Tara wove her powerful presence! The setting at Evolve was delightful, with […]

Lamas Dance Tara at KTD

This year our merry Tara band was joined by Hope Jinishian. A resident of New England, Hope was volunteering and studying the dharma early this year at KTD, His Holiness the Karmapa’s monastery in upstate New York. Prema, in previous years, had offered the Tara Dance to the respected Khenpo Kharthar Rinpoche who is one […]

Tara is Dancing in Golden Bay, Aotearoa

Catherine Callaghan has been leading the Tara Dances in New Zealand for six years. An accomplished dance teacher, she has ongoing circles of Tara dance in Nelson, South Island and Golden Bay. They recently offered the mandala at the Shambhala Center in Golden Bay and ended the year at a private beach front residence. Her […]

Myri Leads Cincinnati Sangha in Dancing Tara

Nita-Rose has been leading a circle of dancing Taras at her sacred abode in Cincinnati for several years. She invited Myri Dakini to share a weekend of Tara Dhatu dances. She writes… Our Tara Sangha in Cincinnati experienced an incredibly beautiful week-end workshop this October led by Myri Dakini. It was something sacred, something powerful, […]

VIDEO 11/11/11 – Prema leads Maui Taras in Mandala Dance Offering

Prema leads a group of Maui Taras in offering the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara at a celebration event 11/11/11

Brasilia – Retreat Into the Heart of Tara

Back in Brasilia we focused our attention on getting some songs recorded in Portuguese before           heading out to our annual retreat. Ricardo gathered a group of young teenage girls with Maya and Maira’s young sons to put some vocals to the chorus in Tara Tames the 8 Fears.   Just before the retreat Ivana […]

Tara is Dancing in Virginia

Jacquelyn Sonam Lhamo has been introducing groups to dancing Tara for many years. She was recently in Virginia and this is her report… Spreading Tara and Dharma dances is such a great joy. For two years I have done Tara Dance programs at ARE, Edgar Cayce’s Organization Center in Virginia Beach, Va. This year Curtis, […]

Headed South – From Ocean to Mountains Dancing Tara Brazil

 First Stop, Florianopolis, On the Beach From Bahia to Brasilia, we had only a couple of weeks to catch our breath and then we headed off to one of our favorite cities, Florianopolis. This southern island paradise has three circles of dancing Taras. We were put in a lovely apartment on the beach and enjoyed […]

Prema Dances Tara In Brazil

Myri met me at the airport in Salvadore, Bahia and we were whisked off to a hotel on the beach for two days of R and R. Having just come from a month of traveling and teaching across the mainland USA I was delighted to have the time to rest and prepare myself for the […]

Northwesterners Dance Tara in Indonesia

Kim Abbey was a member of our pilgrimage to Bali and Yogyacarta. Deeply involved in supporting the dharma in Seattle, Washington, she submitted an article about the pilgrimage to the Northwest Dharma news. She touches on some of the high points of our time together…..check it out!  

Update On Nepal Retreat House Restoration Project – Andrea Abinanti

For several years I have been planning to restore these dilapidated five retreat houses for the nuns on Manjushree Hill, one of the World Heritage Sites in Nepal.  I am Andrea Abinanti; I’ve been living in Nepal for 40 years and residing on this hill for 38.  After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April […]

Tara Dances In South Africa

Nita-Rose, one of our Tara Dhatu Dance facilitators, took a group of the Tara Dance community in Cincinnati to her former sangha in South Africa. They shared White Tara and the Six Shields with them. Nita-Rose reports …. My sangha in South African truly loved the experience of White Tara. The group from our Tara […]

Dancing Tara in Austin and the Abode

Austin – In the Light of Guru Rinpoche Palri Pema Od Ling dharma center in Austin is a magical display of Guru Rinpoche’s pure land. Last year I danced Kurukulle for the resident Lama, Lama Lobtsul was enchanted with the dance and invited me to return to offer the Mandala of Tara dance. He agreed […]

Dancing With the Dakinis – Prema On The Road

Things have been moving along magnificently and intensely and though I have the best intentions to keep up with my reports, I have fallen far behind. Finally I have enough of the right kind of time to fill you in on some of the amazing adventures this tour has generated. I left Maui for Pacifica, […]

May Special Price Offer Kauai Retreat 2015

An Exceptional Opportunity We have a great offer for you. Huge Discount for the Kauai Tara Retreat May/June Special Offer: Tara Dhatu Members  $500 for a week in Paradise All are invited:   Become a member for just $21    to get this special offer!   Because of the small number of people registering for […]

Devastating Earthquakes in Nepal ~ A Call for Action

Contribute to the Nepal Relief Fund ~   Read More About Tara Dhatu’s Community Relief Activity ~ Click Here Dear friends, In recent days I wrote to request your prayers and donations to offer support for all in Nepal after a devastating earthquake and numerous aftershocks caused much destruction.  As the reports continue to come […]

Fundraiser Spotlight – The Swayambhu Retreat House Restoration Project

Andrea Abinanti shares: For the last several years I have been wanting to start the Retreat House Restoration project on Manjushree Hill, a World Heritage Site in Swayambhu. With the kind support of Tara Dhatu, as well as some pushing from the Federation of Swayambhu Conservation and Management Committee to be part of the ‘living […]

Tara’s Wisdom Cards Ready to Print

FANTASTIC GOOD NEWS The Long Awaited Tara Wisdom Cards are Ready for Printing My niece Jessica Zebrine has designed a unique deck of cards based on the manifestation of the many faces and forms of Tara, Goddess of Wisdom, Compassion and Power.  Following the structure of a traditional Tarot, the deck includes 22 major arcana, […]

Ruth Denison – Dancing in the Clouds

A dear friend and profound dharma teacher, Ruth Denison passed away Thursday morning, February 26, 2015, at her Joshua Tree home, surrounded by loved ones. Ruth is a Great Soul. She was a pioneer, a profound dharma teacher who integrated dance and movement in her teachings of Vipassana. Ruth’s personal journey began in Nazi Germany […]