Kauai Retreat 15-23 Aug 2015

North Shore Kauai

Join us August 15-23, 2015

Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Jagged peaks covered with brilliant green rainforest dive into the brilliant

blue Pacific Ocean. Haena is a remote area on the North Shore.

Nestled in the neighborhood, right on a golden sand beach is the

YMCA Camp Naue.

During this eight day retreat, Prema Dasara and Guest Teachers will guide the group in celebrating the divine feminine through music and dance, meditation and dharma dialogue. Focus of the camp will be on the 21 Aspects of the Great Mother Tara.

8 Day Camp Fee:  Starting at $850

Tara Dhatu Members before June 15th deadline =             $850

Tara Dhatu Members after June 15th deadline   =              $880


Non-Tara Dhatu Members before June 15th =             $910

Non-Tara Members after June 15th =                         $940

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For More information contact the registrar, Parvati:


PO Box 63252

Phoenix, AZ 85082


By phone (602)412-7386

Weekend Option for New-to-Practice Island Participants: Aug 15-16

Sat Aug 15: Check In: Afternoon includes Saturday dinner

Sun Aug 16: Check Out: 10 PM


Weekend Option for Practicing Island Participants: Aug 21-22

Fri Aug 21: Check In: Afternoon includes Friday dinner

Sat Aug 22: Check Out: 10 PM

Tara Members before June 15th deadline =     $170

Tara Members after June 15th deadline   =      $200

Non-Tara Members before June 15th =           $230 (includes Tara Dhatu membership)

Non-Tara Members after June 15th =              $260 (includes Tara Dhatu membership)

For weekend or 1 day option information contact Parvati


Camp Naue, North Shore ~ Kauai, Hawaii


8 Magnificent Days Camp will start on Saturday, August 15th. Throughout the week we will work with the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara, going deep into the meditations and profound significance of the dance. We will also work on how to develop ecstatic and profound choreography, expressing the Goddess Within, developing all of Her qualities, powers and abilities with our dancing bodies.

Every year we invite the Kauai Sanga to come and witness an offering of the dance and then stay to join us in some Dances of Universal Peace and Dinner. This will be on Saturday, August 22nd.

Weekend Option

Residents of Hawaii have the option of joining the retreat for the week-end only.  Those new to the practice are invited for Sat the 15th and Sunday the 16th.  Those experienced in the practice are invited to join us Friday, August 21st – Sat August 22nd and participating in the offering.

For additional information view the:

Registration Welcome Letter Kauai 2015

Our Glorious Teachers & Guides for the Retreat

Prema  Dasara

Prema Dasara

Our Spiritual and Creative Guide, weaves her connection with the Goddess Tara and the profound Tibetan Buddhist practices of mind training into the ecstatic Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara. Lovers of the dance of all levels of experience are integrated into Tara Dhatu – Realm of the Enlightened Feminine

Prema’s Bio

Myri Dakini

has been studying Classical Indian Dance in the Odissi style with Prema for years. She will lead classes in some of the wonderful dance practices that embellish the Mandala Dance of Tara such as the Eight Precious Offerings, the 16 Offering Goddesses, White Tara and the joyful Story of Guru Rinpoche.

Myri has been a professional dancer all her adult life and is the Central Coordinator for Tara Dhatu South America. She is also the Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program in South America.


has been studying the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara with Prema for over 15 years. She is the Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program and will lead sessions focused on increasing familiarity and comfort with the 21 Qualities of Tara, her mudras, mandala configurations, and her tantric meditations.  She regularly leads Tara Mandala workshops, introductory evenings, and monthly meetings in her home town of Phoenix, Arizona as well as all over the United States.

She is the Central Coordinator for Tara Dhatu International.

Shams John McClean

will be the head musician at camp this year. He is magnificently accomplished with all kinds of instruments. He will share with us his special love of strings touching our hearts with his magical guitar and beautiful voice. If we are lucky he may bring out his oud, cello, or harp.

Shams has played for retreats for Tara Dhatu, Sufis Hawaii and the Mevlevi Order. He is often centering the music around Zikr’s when he is home on Maui.

He has told us that he considers it is Tara’s grace that will bring him to Kauai to deepen in this
powerful expression of the Divine Feminine.

Jocelyn Rainbow Wolfe

has been a devotional singer, songwriter, musician and dancer her entire life, and is honored to be sharing her instrumental and vocal gifts this year for Tara Camp on Kaua’i. She began her Spiritual Quest of the Arts in Ohio as a young girl singing in her church Angel choir, performing in theatrical productions, including Godspell, serving 11 years in a handbell and chime choir and in her school’s percussion ensemble. Jocelyn plays ukulele, guitar, mandolin, percussion, crystal singing bowls, and Tibetan/Balinese metal bowls used for sound and vibrational healing work. She is being mentored as a leader of the Dances of Universal Peace. She has been invited to sing for our retreat as part of our outreach to Young Adults, to encourage them to learn to practice and lead the Dances of Tara.
Watch  Divine Sunsets
August is a beautiful time to be in Kauai. At the camp there are night blooming cirrus, huge, moon like flowers hanging from the trees. We will have plenty of time to swim, the crystal water is home to honua, the island turtles. Brief tropical showers often bring beautiful rainbows. We will celebrate the elements with a fire on the beach, meditation under the stars.

Photo Albums from Previous Camps

2010 YouTubeAlbum 1 – The Elements:http://www.taradhatu.net/PREMA/Taradhatu/Kauai09_1.htmlAlbum 2 – The Masks, The Music, The Food:http://www.taradhatu.net/PREMA/Taradhatu/Kauai09_2.htmlAlbum 3Dancing the Mandala of Tara: http://www.taradhatu.net/PREMA/Taradhatu/Kauai09_3.htmlAlbum 4Ke’e & the Taras : http://www.taradhatu.net/PREMA/Taradhatu/Kauai09_4.html

Please take a few moments to review the photo journals above.

They offer invaluable insight into the sacred beauty, rustic camp accommodations, type of clothing appropriate for the environment and activities, as well as offer a feel for the camp programs and flavor.

Parvati is the registrar for camp.

Spaces are limited so don’t delay in contacting her if you are interested in joining us


PO Box 63252

Phoenix, AZ 85082



Camp Naue is a low cost, rustic facility. There are hot showers and clean bathrooms, sleeping is dormitory style or camping. We may be able to find local bed & breakfast style accommodation for those who prefer more amenities and are able to pay the extra cost.We will be right on the ocean so definitely plan on bringing your swim suit. If you have goggles and fins you may see the turtles and tropical fishes.

 We look forward to your inquiries!

Leading in The White Tara - Camp 2007

Felicity leads The White Tara into our Pavilion Temple

- Camp 2007.

Dancing Tara in the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

Dancing Tara in the beautiful clear Pacific Ocean!