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Dance Tara in Maui With Prema

Prema will be on Maui July 2018  –  February 2019 She leads a class in Kihei several times a month around new moon and full moon at private homes. If you are interested in joining a class contact her about scheduling, etc.

Dance Tara In New Zealand With Adrianne Sept 2018

Dancing Tara in New Zealand with Adrianne LaBry Smith SEPTEMBER 7-9, 2018  NAPIER  SEPTEMBER 14-16  KAPITI COAST  SEPTEMBER 21-23  AUCKLAND CONTACT:  Clare Woodham  +64 27-549-2222

Oct, Nov, & Dec 2018 workshops Brazil & Chile with Myri

For Information about all events contact Myri <><><><><><><><><><> October 18 -21  Guarapari, Brazil Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of  Tara and Public Offering <><><><><><><><><><> October 25 -28 –  Caxias, Brazil Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara Dancing Tara in the Sacred Masks Michele Trentin: <><><><><><><><><><> November 01 – 05  Chile Retreat […]

Summer Sessions in Berkeley, CA with Pia

Summer Sessions with Pia Hagan Level 3 Teacher Tara Dhatu Current Student at Globe Institute For Sound Healing Terra’s Temple 3051 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703 $21 each Session $33 for both classes, pre-registration  $25 on the day Contact Pia Sunday June 17th Sound Healing Class 1-2:30 Sound Meditations, Toning and Mantra Recent Graduates […]

Post Monlam Visit to Chapada Imperial

May 29, 2018 Post Monlam Tour Day 2 Shared By Sherry Harris… Our last official day together in Brazil Prema and Myri put together a very special grand finale.  An hour bus drive out of Brasilia, down windy dirt roads through the bush, we came to Chapada Imperial, an ecological sanctuary, a nature preserve of […]

Post-Monlam Brasilia Tour & Prayers

Sherry Harris from Kauai, Hawaii traveled to Brasilia, Brazil to participate in the Festival of Peace, Festival of Prayer, Tara Dance Monlam. She shared a bit about Monday’s Post-Monlam Tour…. May 28th, 2018 After nine full days of attention and effort to the structure of the Monlam, dancing in ever-changing forms, we entered our first […]

Read More: Conclusion of Monlam, May 27, 2018

So happy to be connecting with all of you one last time and to have the opportunity to share the exciting conclusion of the Monlam! Dressed in white for our preliminary morning practices, we danced and chanted Beloved Tara, and Refuge and Bodhicitta. We then invoked Mother Tara and recited the Seven Purifications. Next, we […]

Read More: Monlam Day 4, May 26, 2018

Greetings from Brasilia–so glad you have connected with us today! Our morning was left open so we could enjoy a local fair, and I hear that the artisanal offerings there were plentiful despite the trucker’s strike which was still in place. Prajwal Ratna taught again and one Tara reported learning from him how to create […]

Read More: Monlam Day 3, May 25, 2018

Our last day at the retreat center before leaving for our next location in the city of Brasilia… At our inspiring morning practice, Prema gave us a teaching on working with challenging circumstances. The current situation in Brazil is delicate. The truckers’ are striking, cars are lined up for miles to get gas.  Flights being […]

Read More: Monlam Day 2, May 24, 2018

Glad you are with us today! Prajwal continued teaching his morning class, which was deeply appreciated. Dressed in white, we opened the morning with our preliminary practices—Beloved Tara, Refuge and Bodhicitta, and Shantideva. We then invoked Mother Tara, took refuge in her and danced Dukkar, to create a protective umbrella around our temple. Calling Tara […]

Read More: Day 1 Monlam May 23, 2018

Greetings from Paradise on Earth. After years of aspirations, devoted work and planning, today the Monlam begins! Om Tare! Guided by Lama Sonam from the dharma center in Brasilia, we opened the Monlam with prayers for auspiciousness, blessing and dispelling obstacles. We made many offerings, including Riwo Sangchö, and we danced the Eight Precious Offerings. […]

Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 3 May 22, 2018

  The excitement is building—the Monlam starts tomorrow! Today is a day of practice and preparation centered around the Mandala of masked dancers. As we described yesterday, the practice of mask dancing is a spiritual path in itself. The relationship between a dancer and her mask has many levels, and Mekare has been teaching us […]

Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 3 (Tuesday) May 22, 2018

Premliminaries Dukkar–Portuguese an English Setting up the mandalas: 3 groups two that would have masks–amazing job as usual of honoring everyone’s request–got through three mandalas turning simultaneously. My own experience leading the mandala and personal process–a deep teaching after lunch, dressed in gold, first two groups and few alternates experienced the mask dancing from the […]

Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 2 May 21, 2018

  Welcome to Pre-Monlam Day 2! We hope you feel connected to us here at the Paradise on Earth Retreat Center in Brazil–we are so happy to be able to share the experience with you and to know that you are thinking of us, too! Yesterday was full and rich. We began morning practice with […]

READ MORE: Arriving at Paraiso Na Terra May 19 2018

We are so happy to be connecting with all of you from beautiful Paradise on Earth retreat center in Brazil! May our prayers for the world unite as one voice! As clouds gathered and prepared a shower of blessings for Mother Earth, we gathered to dance and sing Beloved Tara, Motivation and Shantideva in Portuguese […]

Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 1 May 20, 2018

Sunny skies and cool temperatures welcomed us to Day 1 Pre-Monlam.  After generating our Motivation and dancing refuge and bodhicitta through Shantideva, Myri Dakini taught us the practice of Dukkar, Thousand-armed and Thousand-eyed White Umbrella Tara. In this lineage, Mother Tara appears as a Protectress to bestow upon us the confidence to move through life […]

Live From The Tara Peace & Prayer Monlam Festival in Brazil

Read More: Conclusion of Monlam, May 27, 2018 Read More: Monlam Day 4, May 26, 2018 Read More: Monlam Day 3, May 25, 2018 Read More: Monlam Day 2, May 24, 2018 Read More: Monlam Day 1, May 23, 2018 Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 3 May 22, 2018 Read More: Pre-Monlam Day 2 May 21, […]

Sept Phoenix, Oct Seattle, & Nov Toronto Tara Dancing w/ Parvati

Phoenix Area Tara Sangha Annual Retreat And Public Offering of the Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara Sept 14-16th 2018 We will circle to dance, sing, pray, and play ~~Join Us As We Play, Meditate, Dance, Sing, Pray, Reflect, And Dive Deeply Into Bliss~~ Take a weekend and immerse in the nourishing practice of […]

Tara is Dancing in the Heart of Acadiana!×300.jpg

Tara is Dancing in Virginia

By Rev. Jacquelyn Sendak Zavaleta Having shared the Introduction to Tara and the Dharma dances of Tara Dhatu in Virginia Beach for many years, we had a solid group of interested people attending this year’s Tara Dance programs.  Our series of classes were opened with a hosting by Tara White and her husband Mike.   […]

Dancing Tara with Prema and Myri in Europe

Almost a year ago I was asked, if I could go anywhere before I died where would I go. Bubbling up from my far distant childhood I realized, I would like to visit Fatima and Lourdes. That vision set in motion a series of events that ended in Myri and I teaching Tara throughout Europe […]

Myri On Tour, Dancing Tara in Chile and S. Brazil

Myri Dakini Naves is an outstanding dancer and a sincere dharma practitioner. In Tara Dhatu South America she is the moving force of all the accomplishments. Because of her careful nurturing we have circles of Tara Dancers all over Brazil and Chile. She is our Assistant Director of Tara Dhatu’s Educational Program and teaches the […]

Tara is Dancing in the Bay Area, California

Floods, Hurricanes and Fires Oh My!!! Pia Hagan is a Level 3 Tara Dhatu Teacher in the Bay Area of  California. Many of you remember Pia as one of our most excellent Master Chefs at our Annual Camp in Kauai. Pia organized and offered a Mandala at Terra’s Temple in Berkeley September 2nd & 3rd. […]

Parvati Leads Tara’s Mandala – Seattle, Phoenix, Woodstock

Parvati Forrest Anee Burke is one of our most senior teachers. Her dedication has led her to be our Central Coordinator, holding together the reins of our international Tara Dhatu. This Fall she offered three weekend mandalas of the Mandala Dance of Tara. She writes….  Thank you Prema and Mother Tara for the amazing and […]

Dancing Tara in Woodstock

 Dance in the Mandala of Tara In Woodstock, NY Fri Intro Evening open to all at KTD Monastary With the weekend workshop and offering across from the KTD Monastery November 10 to 12 Parvati  Leading Live music with Shivadam. Public offering  Sunday November 12 at 4:30 pm. Public  Offering Free with requested offering Spots still […]