Introducing Parvati Forrest Burke

Parvati is passionate about sacred dance and movement and its connection with spiritual awakening. When she found the practice of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara in the spring of 1998 she knew she had come home to Mother’s Pure Land.

Parvati Forrest Burke

Having first danced as the Transformer of Poisons, she immediately felt the alchemy of the practice and has used it as her compass since, moving ever deeper into the practices, her relationship with Tara, Tara Dhatu, and Prema as teacher and guide.

“Most fortunate, she traveled on pilgrimage with Prema, Anahata, and the international pilgrimage Sanga of the Tara Dhatu community to India and Nepal in 2001 and was forever transformed by the experiences of the journey, both inner and outer.

She is a Postpartum Doula/Newborn Care Specialist who seeks to empower families in their birth and postpartum experiences. Knowing the particular intensity of these life events, she sees her work as friend and guide, sister, research assistant, mother, and cheerleader.

She brings all of this skill and warmth with her as a leader of the Tara Dance. She is also a long time member of the Dances of Universal Peace (fortunate to be married to the skillful and heartfelt dance leader, Shivadam) and brings these years of dancing the divine into her work with Tara Dhatu.

A former member of the Board of Directors for Tara Dhatu, she is currently the Assistant Director of the International Tara Dhatu Student Teacher program and is a level four teacher who leads Mandala workshops and mentors other Student Teachers.

Having witnessed time and time again the intensely transformative effects of the Dance, she is committed to traveling far and wide to spread its blessings. She is equally passionate about supporting other Student Teachers to blossom into the fullness of their innermost potential.

A former corporate trainer she brings a clarity and strength of leadership that combines with her deep, heartfelt joy in the practice and community of practitioners to create a powerful and nurturing environment for participants.