Seattle hosted one of the first Tara Dances outside of Maui. At the dance Dagmola Kushog, the esteemed wife of Sakya Lineage Holder Dagchen Rinpoche attended the dance. She was entranced and had many wonderful things to say about it. She became a close friend of Tara Dhatu and has continued to give encouragement and support for the dance.

She has requested that it be a yearly performance in Seattle.

Phyllis Moses lived on Maui when the Tara Dance first began and felt an affinity with the Dance from the beginning.

Seeing how the dance evolved and grew over the years, and how many people benefit from it,

she was recently inspired (by Tara, of course!) to hold the monthly dance offerings at her home in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle.


Phyllis Moses

Phone: (425) 814 4702

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New Tara Meditation Circle at Nalanda Institute of Olympia
1620 4th Ave. E. Olympia

Kim Abbey
is starting a new Tara practice group, planned for the first Sundays of each month at
Nalanda Institute of Olympia, 12:15 – 1:30pm

 Phone her at 206-387-6134 with  questions.


Eastsound, Orcas Island

Julia Sanders-Dobos

Phone: (370)376-8272