The Austin Tara Dance Leaders

Anjali, Prema, Kathryn and Elizabeth




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Anjali’s Bio

Austin Tara Circle meets in Austin and Wimberley to study and practice the precious teachings of our lineage. We offer monthly gatherings in each city as well as special events for the community.  Our goal is to celebrate the Divine Feminine in the form of Tara; in this way, we deepen our connection to our own wisdom nature so that we may be able to empower others on the path.  Please follow us on FB as we will be developing a new program in the fall with the wish to study and dance the Praises in greater depth and be able to offer the Mandala Dance locally for the benefit of all. And if you are in the Austin area or are planning to visit, please contact us. We would love to support you on the journey. Om Tare!

Phone: 512-203-2012

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Austin Tara Web Page

Austin Tara Facebook

Austin Tara Meetup


Kathryn Henderson

Phone: 979-575-0780

I founded the Austin Tara Circle in 2006 when we danced the Mandala with Prema and 31 women at the Waldorf School. As an academic who lives two hours from Austin, I am thrilled to be joined by Anjali and Elizabeth as teachers in expanding our Tara practice to the Tibetan Temple and surrounding areas and excited about our new plans to hopefully be able to make the practice available to institutionalized and troubled women in the future. 


Elizabeth Gergaud

Phone: (512)507-6721

Austin  Tara Circle student teacher Elizabeth Gergaud is a Facilitator of Tara Dance.  She leads monthly Tara Dance gatherings at Palri Pema Od Ling, a tibetan buddhist meditation center in Austin.  She is a student of Prema Dasara, Creatrix of the Tara Dances, and a Nyingma buddhist Practitioner at PPOL.  She loves how both lineages support and deepen her practice and understanding of Tara and she loves to share the inspiring and transformative power of the Tara Dances.     Elizabeth leads two meetings at PPOL.   Mid-month meetings focus on an in-depth study of the 21 Taras’. Each month we dance and study one of the 21 wisdom forms of Tara. On the 8th tibetan calendar day we gather to dance the Healing Dances of Tara, focusing on White Tara and Medicine Buddha.  For more information about meetings find Austin Tara Circle at    http://www.facebook.com/pg/austintaracircle  http://www.austintara.tk