Embodying meditation through a combination of powerful visualizations, beautiful devotional mantras and meditative movement.  Deity-Yoga meditation allows you every opportunity for a deeply moving experience within the Tara Temple at The Private Spa.This meditation practice is often referred to as a “shared, individual journey”


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Phone: (513) 231-0754

                           Where: 6820 High Meadows Drive,                        

    Cincinnati, Ohio  45230

(In the “Tara Temple” located behind the house)

Nita-Rose Augsbach


I pray that you come, Arya Tara

Everything is in readiness for you.

I offer the first blossoms of spring,

The fragrance of  incense,

 A fresh candle on the altar,

The music of your Mantra singing in my mind,

  My dancing heart

You appear before me 

That I may gaze upon the splendor of your beauty

And real-ize that beauty within me