North Carolina

Winston Salem

After the sublime blessing of meeting Prema and dancing the Tara Dance for the first time in 1995 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Mekare commited to bringing the Tara Dance as often as possible to North Carolina. It all began in the fall of 1997, when Prema and Anahata arrived in Winston-Salem. A full Mandala with protectors and a large group of children spontaneously arose from this somewhat conservative southern town. It was so very powerful! Women from this original Tara Dance are still dancing in NC. The wheel began turning with such joy.

Tara Circles began meeting in 1999 in North Carolina, after Mekare was invited by Mary Miller Stair of Asheville to lead the Mantra dance for a large DUP circle. The response was so overwhelming that with Prema’s blessing, Mekare traveled to Asheville from her home in Winston-Salem one Sunday a month for a year and a half leading a wonderful circle of Tara Dancers, which culminated with bringing Prema and Anahata to Asheville for the third full Mandala Dance weekend in NC. Three glorious women from the Asheville circle, Anna, Jan, and Susan, went on the 2001 Pilgrimage.

Mekare then established a Tara Circle in her hometown of Winston-Salem where a small but devoted group danced together as often as possible in living rooms, gardens, and porches. Tara has also danced her blessings at a funeral, a croning ceremony, birthday celebrations, a New Year’s ceremony, and numerous gatherings for the healing of our world.

Mekare Fiske

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