Adrianne’s Bio

AdrianneAdrianne LaBry Smith is an artist, teacher, dancer, seeker, mystic, and mother of all.  Her desire to create beauty and harmony in the world is reflected in numerous endeavors.  You will just as easily find her engaged in an ecstatic evening of Cajun dancing with friends and family, enthralled in an intense life-altering conversation with a friend, preparing a meal for family while listening to oldies on the radio, or silently absorbed in painting or meditation.


Personal self-growth and spirituality have been a priority for Adrianne since childhood, contributing to her avid exploration of world religions and cultures. With a love for dance fostered in her Cajun upbringing, Adrianne set out to wed dance and spirituality, soulfully seeking sacred dance experiences in various traditions.

For over 30 years she has engaged in creating and facilitating retreats and workshops for ages pre-school through adult, uniting visual art, dance, and spirituality.


Adrianne also has 25 years of experience as a certified master teacher skilled in designing and implementing lessons for all ages.  As an educator in public schools, her special emphasis was middle school education with a focus on critical and creative thinking skills, and the social/emotional development of gifted and talented students.AdrianneRefuge at Katog Ri'Throd Land Blessing


Among her successes, is her loving marriage to her spiritual companion and dance partner, Gilbert Smith.  Enduring the joys and sorrows of parenting three incredible children, and mindfully caring for all four of their parents through end of life, they continue to support each other in following their dreams.


She has been a student/teacher of the Mandala Dance of Tara since 2005 and a Leader of the Dances of Universal Peace since 2008.  Adrianne brings to the dance the insight, perception, and compassion acquired through her willingness to embrace the journey.