Shortly after the Tara Dance was born on the island of Maui, Prema took the dance to Kauai at the invitation of Eana Rose. Prema made a commitment to the Kauai dancers to offer the Tara dance there once a year and to this date has kept this commitment for over 20 years. Eana Rose was one of the first Tara dancers to enter the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program (STP). She kept the dance turning on a regular basis since 2000 at a lovely temple she built behind her house on the lush north shore of Kauai.


Eana is a A Level 4 Mentor of the dance while Trishana Star and Robin Mazor also contribute to the Monthly dance circle as level 2 and 3. We gather on the 2nd Sunday of each month for a Tara Dance circle. We dance the full Mandala or the short Dance the Goddess version each meeting as well as the many other Dances of Tara Dhatu and the Mothers many manifestations.

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Eana Rose
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Trishana Star


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The Tara Dance was born on Maui in 1986 and some of the original dancers are still dancing!!!! Dechen and Kachina have held things together since Prema started traveling so extensively. Now Barbara has joined the Tara Dance Student/teachers program. With their dedication a monthly meeting is happening. When Prema is home on Maui she gathers for a Tara Dance practice twice a month, on the new moon and the full moon.

Prema Dasara

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Kachina Palencia

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Barbara Gach

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