Tara has been dancing up and down the coast of California since the Mandala went on the road in 1988. Currently there are circles in  Pacifica, Berkeley, El Cerrito and Santa Cruz.

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Jade Itiene
Phone: (510) 757- 4735

El Cerrito

Karen Metta Fleischer
Phone: (510) 525-2560

Jacquelyn Sendak
Phone: (510) 525-2343
Jacquelyn and her husband Rigzin
are both members of Tara Dhatu Educational Programs

Albany White Tara & Dharma Dance Practice September 24, & Nov. 19, 2017 (Sunday) from 1:30-4:30

You are invited to this powerful Tara event strengthening your connection to Goddess Tara and Dharma.
We will dance, meditate, chant, and sing our prayers. No experience necessary.
The energies generated can be used for holistic healing. Time permitting we will close with Holistic healing group.
510-526-2343 or

Albany Library
Edith Stone Room
1247 Marin Ave
Albany, Ca

Dzogchen Meditation Nov 26, 2017, Sunday, from 1:30-4:30

Same location as above.
Learn and practice simple meditation. Questions & answers welcomed.



Pia Hagan
Phone: (650) 451-2616

Pia travels for her work but holds a meeting in Pacifica/San Fransisco bay area once a month when she is home. She also occasionally offers gatherings while on the road. Contact her to see where is gathering Tara Dancers.  Please contact her if you would like to know about her gathering in the SF California bay area.  Thank you Pia <3

Santa Cruz

Adora Deva
Phone: (831) 566-9678

Raga- Ronda Wiley
Phone: (831) 359-7887