Tara Zoom Gatherings

Join One Of The Many On Going Tara Dhatu Global Community Zooms

In light of the pandemic and the widespread advisory to avoid social gatherings and stay at home, the global Tara Dhatu community has begun a number of regular Zoom gatherings. Please join us for one or more.

It is during such challenging times that it is most important for us to connect in with the practices that nourish and inspire us. You are not alone. Taras are dancing daily prayers and meditations for the well being of all!

Circumstances are shifting daily and so we will do our best to keep this list up to date. If you have questions please contact the individual circles as noted below or info@taradhatu.org.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

May All Beings Be Well

May All Beings Be Free From Suffering And The Causes Of Suffering

~ Prema’s Zoom ~

September 17th, 1 PM HST



Daily Meetings:

1) Amber with the New York State Tara Sangha

Daily at 8:15 New York time

Meeting ID: 614-538-653

Contact Amber zioncowgirl@gmail.com with questions

Zoom Link https://zoom.us/s/614538653

2) Phoenix Area Tara Sangha lead by Parvati & Carey

Daily at 5:30 PM AZ time for about 1 hour

Meeting ID: 482-296-355

Contact taraworkshop@icloud.com or Parvati@taradancing.com with questions or for information

There will be no instruction during these sessions as the emphasis is on the opportunity to share the practices. On Odd numbered calendar dates the dance meditations have been selected to be somewhat easier to follow along with for the inexperienced participant. On even number calendar dates the practices will be somewhat more complex but all are welcome to join and invited to following along as best they can or simply meditate with the community. The first hour will be mediation and dance practices which will be followed by about a half hour sharing circle where those present can share from their hearts with the group if they wish to do so.

Register in advance for this meeting:

3) Tara Dhatu Sul America

Monday-Friday at 7-8 PM Brasilia time



Meeting ID :  858-8540-7528

These meetings are an hour of practice including dancing and seated meditation practices – in English and Portuguese on Mon, Wed, and Fri as follows: Preliminary / Dance of Qualities; Mantra Meditation – English; Dissolution of Meditation – English & Portuguese; Mantra Dance, Prema’s Long Life Prayer & Dedication

On Tuesdays the practices will be in Portuguese and on Thursdays in Spanish.

Each session will be lead by a different senior teacher.

Contact taradhatusulamerica@gmail.com with questions

Register in advance for this meeting:

Weekly Meetings:

1) Adrianne and the Louisiana Tara Circle

Wednesdays at 4 PM Louisiana time

Description: Dancing Tara: Motivation, Refuge & Bodhicitta, Tara’s Qualities and/or White Tara of the 6 Shields & The 8 Precious Offerings

Here is the link for this Zoom


 Meeting ID 872 2439 4720 

Contact Adrianna at adrianne.smith22@gmail.com with questions

2) Healing Day with Medicine Buddha

Thursdays at 10 AM HST time

Every Thursdays we will be connecting with a day of healing.

All are welcome.

Send names of those who need prayers/healing


Noelle, firebirdfae@earthlink.net

in the subject of the email: Medicine Buddha names”

For registration in advance:


Meeting ID: ID 894 0344 3973

3) Healing Practice with Atma from Chile

(In Spanish)

Saturdays at 6 PM Brasilia time

Meeting ID: 913-153-934

Every Saturday we will be connecting with the day of healing. We will be with Atma from Chile guiding the practice and dance of the Medicine Buddha.

All are welcome. Atma asks if you want, to send names of people who need healing to her. Before practicing, Atma will read all the names on the altar to receive the healing energy of the practice. In Spanish

Healing Day names: send to MyriDakini through WhatsApp or email myriangela@gmail.com

Register in advance for this meeting:

4) The Napier Tara Circle with Clare

Wednesdays at 10AM Napier, New Zealand Time

The program includes: Tara Mantra, Dance of Motivation, Refuge and Bodhicitta, White Tara 6 Shields with a short break and catch up with each other sharing blessings and challenges of the week followed by the dance of the 21 Qualities of Tara. Clare invites all, “Please join us from where ever you are on this beautiful globe and remember to check the corresponding time in your spot. Om Tare!”

Registration Link:


Meeting ID: 875 0008 2249
Password: 950949

Contact Clare for meeting registration link or with questions:


5) Once A Week On Tuesday the South America Tara Dhatu hosted Zoom will feature a different student teacher leading in English from the global Sangha.

Register in advance for this meeting:

Monthly & Special One Time Gatherings:

1) Anjali and her Texas Tara circle will meeting once a month on a Sunday afternoon.

Please register


For contribute


Contact Anjali at atc21@yahoo.com with questions