Kauai Full Moon Dance Tara September 13th-15th

Invoke The Inner Fire

Through Playful And Profound

Music, Dance, Ritual, Meditation

With Prema Dasara & Myri Dakini

This gathering of bliss

Cuts through the web of delusion.

How Amazing!!!

September 13-15th

Yes, Friday the 13th is Full Moon Magic

On the beautiful island of Kauai

To register or for information contact

Eana Rose    808 353-1071

It is said that to engage in this level of practice pacifies disease, famine and warfare. Practitioners find inspiration to magnetize whatever they need to fulfill their personal prayers. Through these practices we transform the mind, swiftly developing qualities that can benefit others on the most profound level.   

Prema and Myri are international teachers of sacred dance. Prema has a rich background in Indian temple dance as well as Nepalese Buddhist ritual dance. She has received guidance from many Tibetan lamas about the symbols and meaning of Vajrayana rituals. Her teachings are based in the inspiration and enlightened activities of awakened beings.

Myri is a professional dancer who has mastered Prema’s style and is talented in teaching the basic movements and intricate mudras.


 The effectiveness of these practices is increased when undertaken together as a group. “While it might be difficult for one man to move a boulder, twenty pairs of hands can shift it with ease.”  Join the Kauai Sangha in generating the power and the inspiration to shift the darkness of our times, to find and cultivate the light within.

A‘ohe hana nui ke alu‘ia    “No task is too big when done by all”

The practices we will engage in can be done by anyone. They can be done dancing or seated. They are profound meditations that have been put to simple movements.

Friday, Sept 13th  7-9:30 PM Princeville Community Center


Saturday, Sept 14th  10 – 11 AM Tara dance in the water

                                          1 – 7 PM AnainaHo in Kilauea


Sunday, Sept 15th  10AM – 1 PM, 3-6 PM Golden Lotus Kapa’a

  $30 per session – $55 whole day

    $108 for all events

Friday night we engage in the ritual of Tsok Offering. We invite everyone to dress nicely and to bring some kind of simple food offering – not dinner, this is more like party favors.

We open our ritual engagement by establishing the foundation of the practice, the wish to be free from confusion, the wish to free the world from the wheel of suffering.

We engage in a practice of letting go of guilt and fear.(Vajrasattva)



We invoke the mighty Guru Rinpoche and a vast gathering of awakened beings to attend our “feast” We invoke all our sources of refuge, especially the dakinis who inspire us with their joyful play.

We will sing and dance the “Song of the Spring Queen” a traditional song celebrating the power of enlightened desire.



Saturday we will introduce Red Tara, invoking her, receiving her  empowerment and attracting the power to magnetize what we need for our journey and for our mission to bring all beings to fulfillment.  ( A new dance)


Sunday we call on the Protectors to help us find all missing and lost beings.

We will dance the Thousand armed protectress, Dukkar,



the Black Dakini Troma




and work with the mudras and meaning of the 8 auspicious symbols. These symbols bring many blessings into our day to day life.

Join Us  – Help Us to Manifest a World

Of Mutual Respect and Joyful Experience