Berkley, CA 2&3 Sept Tara Mandala Retreat/Offering with Pia

Dance The 21 Praises Of Tara Mandala
September 2 & 3rd 2017 10 AM-6 PM
$ 180.00 for weekend
$21 to witness the Public Offering Sunday at 4:00
Terra’s Temple: Adeline Street Berkeley, CA

Registration contact Pia: (650)451-2616

In this workshop you will be dancing the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara, a very
powerful sacred offering, invoking the Buddha Goddess Tara, receiving her blessings,
and sending Her light to our world in need.

Women will be instructed in sacred movement, mudra, and the teachings of Tara, while
held in a container of potent healing energy. Each sessions builds upon the one before,
coming together in an offering of the Mandala to the public at 4 pm on Sunday.
We will be invoking the energy of golden light, with guided visualizations and moving
meditations. Each movement has deep meaning to transform our hearts. We will be
sending out blessings to heal and balance the Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Air and
Space. We will offer all that is precious for the benefit of all beings everywhere, without
exception, to help transform ourselves and send this prayer of peace out into the world
at this much needed time.

The practice is a living lineage direct from the heart of Tara, through Prema Dasara, and
danced by countless women around our world. This amazing workshop is led by Pia
Hagan, a level 3 Teacher of Tara Dhatu, who brings her unique blend of wisdom and
magic to this profound practice.