The following information was taken from a web page, “Exploring Taksu & Meditation – Mysterious Power and the Tools to Realize It” by Leonard Swanson

DSCF4994I came across the concept of Taksu, a word without an adequate English translation. Some call it charisma, others call it spiritual power.

There is no doubt as to the respect Taksu wields in Balinese culture; dancers with Taksu capture the eyes of the audience, Balians with Taksu heal their patients with mysterious power, speakers with Taksu become fascinating and inspirational.DSCF4917

Taksu is the divine unity of the performer and the performance. Taksu is a magical feeling.

Taksu comes from the Goddess Sang Hyang Semara, the goddess of love, the deeper love of the soul: the wish for others to be happy and peaceful. Taksu is not born from emotional attachment, but from a genuine wish for well-being.

A physical place can have Taksu. People claim that the Island of Bali has Taksu, an aura of mysterious charm.

Taksu is about character and the wholehearted intention of a spiritual practitioner.