Kauai, HI Annual Retreat 13-21 Aug 2016

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Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Jagged peaks covered with brilliant green rainforest dive into the brilliant

blue Pacific Ocean. Haena is a remote area on the North Shore.

Nestled in the neighborhood, right on a golden sand beach is the

YMCA Camp Naue.

During this eight day retreat, Prema Dasara and Guest Teachers will guide the group in celebrating the divine feminine through music and dance, meditation and dharma dialogue. Focus of the camp will be on the 21 Aspects of the Great Mother Tara.


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Tara Dhatu Members after the first 15 people   =              $695

Non-Tara Dhatu Members before June 15th =             $800

Non-Tara Members after June 15th =                         $850

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