May 10 2015 Pabitra Relief Photo Report

Your donations in action!

Thank you to all the donors who helped make this relief possible!

Infinite gratitude to Pabitra and the Bright Nepal community who are working so hard to care for so many!

Pabitra writes…

“Yesterday I went to Chenay’s village to distribute the tents and some of food items like rice, beaten rice, salt, oil and soap… It is a remote place out of Kathma

ndu Valley. The name of village is Lagerchey which is in Sindupalchowk district. It takes about 8 hours to reach by bus and then again we have to walk about 2 hours. we had called the village people to carry the relief needs.”

This goat was orphaned by the earthquake…

Anahata explains how lucky he is that Pabitra is his gaurdian angle, “Part of Pabitra’s Dharma in the Himalayas is to tell the tribes that they don’t need
to make animal sacrifice. Somehow over a long period of time, some of the people call
themselves Buddhist, but they make animal sacrifice for certain festivals. Pabitra feels strongly about helping people understand that there are other ways to accomplish the goals of the pujas (prayers and offerings).”

May All Beings Be Well and Happy

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