June 13 – 15, 2014
Although we cannot all go on a 10 day retreat to Hawaii we can bring the essence of the retreat to us.  WE can bring the Creator of the dance to us.  Below is an small sample of the retreat I attended in 2010.  It changed my life and started the journey of our monthly Tara Meditations.  Take a moment to view this short youtube so you can feel into the power of gathering on retreat.  We are bringing Prema to us in June and I am so excited to offer all of you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this beautiful expression of compassion for a full week-end 🙂

Dancing Tara Kauai 2010
Dancing Tara Kauai 2010


Dear Prema,
As many of you are aware, we are planning to host Prema, the creator of the movement meditation called the Tara Dance, for a week-end retreat.
Prema will be confirming her itinerary for 2014 and making her flight reservations within the next week – therefore, we need to finalize our confirmations and commitment to aid the process. 
By holding the retreat in the Tara Temple we are limited to 14 participants.  (Prema and Myri, Larry and myself will make 18 people which is a comfortable number since we have been working comfortably with that many in the Tara Temple this year)
I have the following down as attending:  Andy, Bart, Colette, Deb, Joy, Louise, Molly, Norrie, Peggy, Wendy. 
However, only Peggy and Molly have paid and are registered. 
Therefore I would need to have your commitment by registering or letting me know by RSVP so I can confidently confirm our commitment to Prema and allow her to make the arrangements necessary to her schedule to include our circle in her 2014 with the bookings of flights etc.
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interconnected focus
Please RSVP so we can move forward with our commitment to Prema.
Address:  In the Tara Temple behind the house at 6820 High Meadows Drive, Cincinnati, Oh  45230
Friday,      June 13th   7:00pm – 10:00pm.
Saturday,  June 14th, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday,    June 15th  10:00am – 4:00pm