Annual Retreat of Tara Dancing The Divine Feminine Brasilia, Brazil April 28 to May 5 2012

Less than an hour outside of Brasilia, the retreat center rests on the highest point amidst the rolling hills.

The temple on the hill is exquisitely beautiful, the acoustics are a marvel. We will dance the mandala there every afternoon and watch the sun set over the hills.

The property has over a hundred natural springs.

We were able to drive very close to a waterfall on Paraiso land. Sitting under it’s powerful flow I was inspired to dance with the protector of the falls. Swimming in the small pool at it’s base the water felt like silk. We were told that if we had the time we could walk on a loop trail through the land for four hours and play in 33 waterfalls!!!

The food is magnificent. There are plenty of rooms for everyone to be comfortable, two to a room. And for a little extra if you want a private room that, too, can be arranged. I love the homey nooks in the residential buildings where groups of Taras can gather for a good chat or for some special independent class.

The teaching hall is exquisite….glass from floor to ceiling, so there is plenty of light and enough room for us to arrange for sitting and dancing.

We will have our Saturday May 21st dance offering on the grounds inviting family and friends to have lunch with us, enjoy the waterfall, and receive the blessing of witnessing our ritual of sacred dance in this sacred space

Hope to see you there, Prema

For more information about the retreat contact

Myri Dakini: (55) 61-8116.9670