Chimi, Bardor Tulku’s Daughter Connects

You never know what marvelous surprises Facebook has to offer. This letter speaks for itself

Dear Prema,

This is Chimi Lama, Bardor Tulku Rinpoche’s second daughter. I hope you remember me, I took part in the Tara Dance you lead at KTD so many years ago. I must have been six or seven , and probably one of the youngest girls in the group. Just now I was searching “Chak Sa Lo” on google and your website came up. It described a revered dancer who is a Buddhist practitioner and I was so interested that I continued to read, only to realize it was the woman whom I had met so long ago!

I am now 22 and will be graduating from Smith College with and undergraduate degree in Religion with a focus in Buddhism. This June I move to India to study at Sarah Institute in Dharamsala in Tibetan Language andBuddhist Philosophy. I was wondering if you were going to be in India this summer to any time in the coming year. I will be residing in that area for a year at least and I thought I

Chimi's sister dances Invincible Courage at KTD. I couldn't find a picture of Chimi dancing.

would contact you to see what your current activity is. I feel honored to have met you and wish the best for your future activity!

Sending loving kindness,    Chimi C. Lama