Tara Dhatu

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Turning the mind away from self obsession and into the wonder and glory of the interconnected web of life, we exalt in One Heart, One Mind, One Magnificent, Pulsing Universe.

Dancing the Goddess, circles of dancers throughout the world gather to celebrate, reaching within themselves to balance the feminine side of their nature so long denied in our world, held captive by fear and ignorance.

Diving deep into the mind training practices that liberate consciousness, studying Tibetan Buddhist traditions and auxiliary practices we reclaim our power and develop our human potential.

Come!!!! Dance the Goddess with us!!!

It is with the purpose of bringing benefit to beings in this world of chaos and confusion that the Mandala Dance of the Twenty-One Praises of Tara is offered.

It is in respect and gratitude to the Lineage holders of the various Tibetan Buddhist traditions who have maintained and embellished the ancient teaching of chanting the Praises of Tara.

It is in unity with the people of Tibet who universally call out to Tara, who chant Her Praises from childhood and who recognize in Her the Universal Mother and Protector.

It is in order to acknowledge the dignity and capability of women to accomplish the highest spiritual attainments.
That this Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is offered.

May All Who See These Praises Danced Or Who Hear These Praises Sung Be Inspired To Attain The Highest Expression Of Humanity To Be Themselves The Embodiment Of Compassion And Wisdom.